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Our Story

Eco.Pegs was started as our personal solution to flimsy plastic pegs. Having used plastic pegs that needed replacing every few months, we were sure that there had to be a more sustainable and longer lasting alternative. 

Plastic pegs and wooden pegs tend to disintegrate and break down in the sun when left out, so we wanted a weather proof solution as well. 

After some searching around, we found pegs made from stainless steel! Perfect! However, we weren't too fond of the steel wire pegs (our hands were too slippery!). Thus, came about our stainless steel pegs. At this point, we realised that these pegs would fit perfectly in Australia!

Thus, Eco.Pegs was formed, with sustainability and eco-friendly criteria in mind. Our main mission: To source the best version of each product, while not costing the earth. 

At Eco.Pegs, we believe that being eco-friendly and plastic free does not have to mean sacrificing convenience and suitability. We believe that every small step we take will bring us towards a better future. 

Check out our sister site STRAW TO STRAW, who is in arms with us in our mission to reduce plastic usage within Australia!